Picnic Ideas with SeaChange Seafood Pâtés

Picnic Ideas with SeaChange Seafood Pâtés

A guest post by Canadian food blogger Korena Vine.

At the tail-end of a summer with very few cool days, I am hot. I don’t even want to entertain the idea of eating anything hot, let alone turn on the stove to cook it. What does seem enticing to me, however, is packing up a picnic basket, finding a cool, shady spot outside and nibbling on something light. SeaChange’s three varieties of seafood pâté – smoked salmon, lobster, and crab – are made for this sort of summer eating. Spread on a cracker or baguette with a garnish or two, SeaChange pâtés are an easy, elegant snack that can be put together in minutes with minimal fuss and equipment (you don’t even need a can opener!).

Lobster Pâté (shown above) is a decadent treat made with east-coast lobster, cream, egg yolks, and brandy. I like it spread it on thin slices of baguette and garnish with pea shoots for colour and a little grated lemon zest to balance out the richness of the lobster.

Try pairing Crab Pâté with a seeded artisanal cracker such as Raincoast Crisps and sprinkle with finely diced cucumber and a sprig of dill. The cool, green-tasting cucumber and sweet crab is a delicious combination that sort of reminds me of a California sushi roll.

Savoury Smoked Salmon Pâté – my favourite of the three varieties – goes well on a crisp rye cracker topped with a few slivers of thinly sliced red pepper. It is also tasty with a salty, briny caper as a garnish.

I hope this inspires you to pack a can or two of SeaChange Seafood Pâté in your next picnic basket. Tell me – what’s your favourite way to serve SeaChange Pâté?

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