Top 10 List of Corporate Gifts

The end of the year holidays may be the main gift-giving season, but corporate gifting can be a year-round task. Whether it’s a colleague or client, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift to show your appreciation. At SeaChange, we specialize in corporate gift giving and can put together a customized gift selection on your behalf.

Want more ideas? Read on for our Top Ten list of corporate gifts!


1.     Something home made.

  • Are you a master jam maker or baker? How about knitting or woodworking? If you have a skill, show it off in the form of the perfect gift. A handmade gift speaks from the heart and shows your appreciation in a unique way. But if you’re not particularly crafty or handy, keep reading to get some more ideas on corporate gifts!

2.     Gift card to your favourite restaurant.

  • Who doesn’t enjoy a nice meal out every once in awhile? No groceries to buy, no food to prepare or dishes to do! Choose a special restaurant that you enjoy and purchase a gift card for your client or colleague.

3.     Tickets to a concert or live performance.

  • Arena show or intimate theatre performances – there are lots out there to enjoy. Research a few in their community and give the gift of music and entertainment!

4.     Donation to your charity of choice in their name.

  • This is a wonderful way to give back at any time of year. Research a charity in need and make a donation on your client or colleague’s behalf. Include a handwritten card to explain your donation and where the money goes.

5.     SeaChange Seafoods gift!

  • Well, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the wonderful corporate gifts the SeaChange Seafoods team puts together! We craft the perfect gift and send it on your behalf. It’s a quick, easy and memorable way to give a gift.

6.     Art.

  • Whether it’s by a local artisan, their favourite artist or a timeless piece – a piece of art is a truly unique gift. It’s something your client or colleague wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves, which makes that much more special.

7.     Wine or spirits.

  • Put together a basket of wines from around the world or a great bottle of whiskey or liqueur. You could include a wine opener and a few glasses, which brings us to our next gift idea!

8.     Engraved glassware.

  • We all have sets of glasses in our homes, but take the time to engrave a set of beautiful glassware with your client’s company logo, or their initials. It brings a unique and thoughtful touch to an otherwise rather ordinary gift.

9.     Something for the sweet tooth.

  • Chocolate, candies, mints, caramels…who doesn’t love something a little sweet? And don’t forget maple syrup. It’s a natural Canadian treat and perfect for someone with a sweet tooth!

10.  Something for the sports fan.

  • Tickets to a big game, season’s tickets, personalized set of golf clubs or tennis racket would be wonderful gifts of thanks for your corporate client.


Have these ideas helped you choose the perfect gift? Let us know and remember, we’re here to help with any corporate gift giving needs – now and throughout the year!

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