A Celebration of Smoked Salmon

SeaChange is excited about the new year of 2014, because we are finally ready to start showing our fans the beautiful new designs on our packages of Canadian Smoked Salmon and Seafood Pâtés. The design process has been fun, but it’s also hard work, so we decided it was a good time to have a party and celebrate our new direction!

We asked Canadian Food Blogger Korena Vine to come to Salt Spring Island and prepare some of her delicious recipes for SeaChange Smoked Salmon. We also asked our company photographer, John Cameron, to come to the party and take pictures of Korena’s wonderful creations.

Take a look at the delicious smoked salmon starters that Korena created:


Smoked Salmon Quiche



Smoked Salmon Devilled Eggs


 Roasted Potato Canapés with Smoked Salmon



Smoked Salmon Spring Rolls



Smoked Salmon platter served with sliced baguette and lemon-caper cream cheese



Of course, delicious as smoked salmon may be, what party is complete without a scrumptious dessert? So Korena also made a chocolate orange cake, gluten and dairy free for some of our food-sensitive staff members!



For these and other smoked salmon recipes, check out the recipe section of our website.


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