A Gift for Our Troops Overseas

SeaChange Seafoods received an email from Anna & Dave at Firehouse Gourmet. This specialty food store in Peterborough, Ontario carries a selection of SeaChange gourmet products. Anna & Dave described a customer experience that gives a nod to how SeaChange products are genuinely delicious Canadian gifts – and how it is easy to pack and ship anywhere in the world.


They wrote:

“We had two customers in our store looking for tasty items to send to their son-in-law serving in Afghanistan.  Apparently the food that the Canadian troops eat is pretty bland so we were helping them pick out spicy seasonings in travel-friendly packaging. Then we recalled that several of your products made it onto the Space Station so we thought they ought to make it over to Afghanistan just fine. We threw in a package of Smoked Salmon Jerky along with your card mentioning the astronauts’ choice, something the troops could probably appreciate.”

SeaChange Seafoods is proud to provide gourmet foods that can be a gift from home to young Canadian soldiers working hard overseas. We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Anna & Dave at Firehouse Gourmet for sharing this experience.

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