The Trans Canada Trail

One of the largest undertakings in the massive Canadian trail system is the appropriately named Trans Canada Trail. This huge Canadian project was conceived in 1992, and will be 22,500 km long when completed. It will include two sections, running from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, BC, and from Calgary, Alberta to Inuvik, Northwest Territories. The majority of the Trans Canada Trail is a land route, used by walkers, cyclists and cross-country skiers, among others. Many sections are built on old rail beds. However, there are a few sections that are water routes, allowing paddlers to follow in the wake of the Voyageurs.

A few sections of the Trail have become quite famous, such as the Myra Canyon stretch near Kelowna, BC, or the Rideau Corridor in Ontario. If you are a Canadian resident, the Trail is most likely located quite close to your neighbourhood, as “four out of five Canadians live within 30 minutes of completed sections of the Trail.” (Trans Canada Trail website)

The Trail is scheduled to be finished in 2017, in time for Canada’s 150th birthday. At that time, adventurers from all over the world will undoubtedly undertake the formidable task of traveling the full length of the Trail. For the more casual trailblazers, travelling even a portion of the 22,500 kilometers will be breathtaking. Anyone can become part of the project by making a donation or enlisting to build a section of the trail. Planning to host any out-of-town visitors? Research the section of the Trail located nearest to you, pack some SeaChange Seafoods Salmon Jerky and head out. After all, what is more authentically Canadian than walking along a coast-to-coast pathway connecting you to 80% of the people in our great country?

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