Crossing Borders with SeaChange Seafoods Products

Because SeaChange Seafoods products are so authentically Canadian, we are often asked whether they can be brought as gifts to other countries. Fortunately, we can honestly answer that SeaChange Seafoods products cross borders extremely well. Over the past 30 years, we have received notes from many happy recipients of our gourmet gifts from a variety of countries. However, each country establishes (and may change) its own border and import/export laws. Because of this, we will clarify a few things.

Person to person: SeaChange products can be placed in your personal luggage or mailed in a personal package to almost anywhere in the world. Our seafood products are the equivalent to ‘canned fish’ products, regardless if they are the canned pâtés, the salmon in gold pouches or salmon in the cedar gift box.

Business to business: To mail a SeaChange product from your business to a business in another country – in particular, the United States – we recommend that you phone SeaChange prior to sending the package. Some paperwork may be required, and we have a toll-free number for this purpose: 1-888-747-5641. You can also email us – please include what you would like to send and the location to which you want to send it. If documentation is required, the CFIA requires that the paperwork for your shipment is prepared before the product leaves SeaChange. Therefore, it is best to check in with us first – we are experts at facilitating this process.

Travelling to Australia: Unfortunately, Australia does not allow any food product containing eggs into the country, even in canned products. SeaChange Seafoods pâtés do contain egg yolk. A wonderful substitute is our delicious smoked salmon!

For information about customs regulations in a specific country, contact the importing country’s department of agriculture or its embassy, consulate, or trade commission in Canada.

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