Local Flavour at Canada’s Farmers Markets

When travelling to a new city, one of the best ways to discover delicious local food is to visit the market. It’s a great way to learn about locally produced goods, which not only make tasty snacks, but can also make a great gift for loved ones at home. Learning about a city through its food culture is a unique and special experience that can become a fond memory for years to come.

The farmers market movement in Canada is strong and growing, with almost every province having an organization or association to help farmers, producers and customers connect. Travellers can use these resources to plan their visit to a city, as many of the associations’ websites provide listings of markets by day and location.

Even the smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island, boasts several farmers’ markets – in fact, the city of Charlottetown alone has two. Nova Scotia’s Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, probably the oldest market in Canada, has been in existence since 1750! Ontario offers literally hundreds of markets, including St. Jacob’s Farmers’ Market, the largest year-round market in Canada, and Toronto’s famous St. Lawrence Market. Edmonton, Alberta, is home to the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market, located in the historic Strathcona area of the city and now in its 30th year of operation.

The Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, British Columbia is open year round and you can find SeaChange Seafoods products at Longliner Seafoods and the Salmon Shop. Plus, the Saturday Market on Salt Spring Island, BC, home of SeaChange Seafoods, draws visitors to the island in droves through the summer months. Use our Store Finder to find more SeaChange Seafoods retailers, or to purchase online, visit our Shop Online section.

Whether you are a visitor to Canada or on a road trip across the country, experience an abundance of local flavour at the market and pick up a genuinely delicious Canadian gift.


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