Gifts from Canada for Exchange Students

Do you have a child who will be heading out to stay with a family in another country on an exchange program? Or perhaps you have a student coming from another country to stay with you in Canada. Either way, gifts will be needed. Canadian students going abroad need to take something to their hosts, and foreign students in Canada need gifts to take home.

20140825012FINAL_wholesaleSeaChange is an expert in this area, as our stock-in-trade is gift packaged smoked salmon – genuinely delicious Canadian gifts. Check out our Shop Online page to browse our selection, or head to our Store Finder to locate a SeaChange retailer near you.

Sometimes, though, a variety of gifts are needed. Here are some other suggestions of gifts that have ‘Canada’ written all over them:

The Quebec company Hatley sells lots of fun clothing with moose, bears, and beavers on it, and you can shop online too. Or why not celebrate Canada’s national sport, hockey, with apparel from your favourite team?

Canadian handmade soap or body care products are perfect, small gifts. Look for Saltspring Soapworks in the West, Rocky Mountain Soap in Alberta, and Upper Canada Soap in Ontario.

maple-candiesA calendar of stunning Canadian landscapes is a great visual reminder. These are harder to find at this time of year, but if you can get to a shopping area at or near a Canadian tourist attraction, you should be able to find a good selection.

And what could be more Canadian than maple syrup? A bottle of syrup is heavy though, and there is always the worry it will leak in your luggage. Maple cookies, candies or maple sugar are delicious alternatives. Again, these can be found in a shopping area that serves a Canadian tourist attraction.

Our motto? Never leave Canada empty-handed!





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