Best Gifts from Canada

When Canadians travel from Canada to other countries, we want to take gifts that will bring some sense of this huge, wild and beautiful country we call home. Of course, many Canadian souvenirs are not Canadian at all, but are made off-shore. These items may offer a low price tag, but they have little to say about the real Canada. SeaChange offers some authentic Canadian gift choices. Here are some SeaChange options to consider, plus a few more.


Maple products

Canada produces more maple syrup than any other country in the world. You can buy utilitarian containers of maple syrup and maple sugar in many grocery stores in Canada. Depending on who the gift is for, these may work fine, but you can also buy beautifully packaged maple products. Maple sugar travels well. The issues with syrup are leakage, weight, and the fact that you can’t take it in carry-on luggage, except in amounts of 100mls or less. But it’s delicious, hard to get in other parts of the world, and truly Canadian.

  • Jakemans is a family owned company in Ontario which sells a good variety of Canadian maple syrup options online, including maple sugar, candy and cookies.
  • SeaChange also offers Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon – a unique and delicious Canadian gift made with real maple syrup.


Salmon products

“Salmon and Canada” go together like “bacon and eggs”. Canada has 6 native species of ocean-going salmon, plus several land-locked species. Historically, salmon was crucial to the First Nations people in western Canada, integral to their diet, art and mythology. Every year in late summer and fall, wild salmon flood up many Canadian rivers from the sea, sometimes literally turning the water red with their abundance. Canada is home to many excellent small smokehouses, each producing their own unique recipes for smoked salmon.

  • When you need salmon gifts for travel or mailing, SeaChange has many offerings for your consideration. Check out our Online Shop.

Wild Rice

Less well known than many other Canadian products, wild rice is another very Canadian harvest. Wild rice grows in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Like salmon in the east and west, wild rice was an important part of the First Nations diet in central Canada, and figured prominently in mythology. Canada has become known as a high quality producer. The world demand for wild rice tends to outstrip supply, so the price is high and it’s not always easy to find.

  • Naosap Harvest is one company which offers online sales.
  • If you don’t want to buy online, try a specialty food store, or a well stocked natural food market.


Ice Wine

Unknown to many Canadians, Canada has an international reputation for ice wine. This very special dessert wine is made from perfectly ripe grapes which have literally frozen on the vine. It is sweet, flavourful and intense. Unlike many countries, Canada has wine growing regions with warm enough summers for grapes and cold enough fall weather to freeze the grapes mid-harvest. Like maple syrup, ice wine is a liquid and cannot be taken in carry-on luggage except in containers of 100 mls or less. But also like maple syrup, it’s very special and very Canadian.

  • Unless you are an experienced drinker of ice wine, I suggest going to a local wine store where the staff are knowledgeable. They will help you choose the perfect ice wine gift.
  • SeaChange also offers an Ice Wine Glazed Smoked Salmon – delicious, and made with real Canadian ice wine.


Native art

Canada is known for native art. From the Haida in the west to the Inuit in the north, our country has an international reputation.

  • The SeaChange Cedar Boxes of Smoked Sockeye Salmon, display a design by a Canadian Haida artist.
  • There are many wonderful galleries in Canada which sell world class native art, and which also sell gifts. These include Gallery Indigena, which has locations in both Vancouver and Stratford, Ontario, and Hill’s Native Art, with locations in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


What gifts from Canada do you like to take when you travel? Leave a comment and tell us!

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