Our Salmon

Smoked Salmon: A Delicious Canadian Treat

The process of smoking salmon was perfected by Canada's First Nations peoples as a method of preserving the wild salmon catch for a long winter.

Food safe standards have changed, although Canadians' love of smoked salmon has not.  SeaChange smoked salmon is crafted to be a safe and delicious gift from Canada, wherever in the world you may choose to take or send it.

How SeaChange Smoked Salmon is made

Our salmon goes through a sea change to make it delicious and safe to eat anywhere in the world.

Uncooked salmon is lightly salted and surrounded with hardwood smoke for several hours. The salmon absorbs the delicate flavour of the smoke. This is called "cold smoking" because the salmon is not cooked during the smoking process.

After it has been cold smoked, the salmon is heated in a gold foil pouch to destroy any bacteria that may be present. Processing in this manner produces the only type of shelf-stable smoked salmon.

SeaChange salmon does not need to be refrigerated until it is opened. It can withstand any climate and remain safe to eat. After the gold pouch is opened and the smoked salmon has been enjoyed, please refrigerate any leftovers – if there are any – and use within five days.